Why Businesses Need To Be On Linkedin TODAY

LinkedIn StrategyEngaging on LinkedIn: Five Strategies for Sales and Marketing Leaders

There is no doubt that most of the people in the marketing and social media business have not started using LinkedIn for their marketing and social-selling strategies in line with their business. It is obvious nowadays that the biggest difference between a B2B sales or marketing business which performs well in driving demand and enjoys consistent revenue opportunities and another business which simply is present with a lot of connections that it does not engage even with.

What is even worse is the fact that a lot of marketing leaders as well as social media professionals who have LinkedIn accounts do not even have a good LinkedIn strategy. in most cases they normally have a lot of tactics which they need to put in place but the problem is there’s little or no thought behind the connections they’re making; they do not consider what they will need to do once a connection has been made, i.e how they may turn the connection to a prospective client.

So what are the strategies you need to use?

Strategy 1: Your Social Media Presence

The first thing you need to do is to look at your LinkedIn profile and see whether you really had any strategic approach when you were creating it. For most people, their Linkedin profile is normally just a cover letter as well as their resume that describes their marketing or sales achievements. The problem with this is that it shows others that you only care about making the sale but does not show how you will provide value and build a real relationship with them. You will need to take a strategic approach in building your profile. A good way of showing your worth is getting to know the kind of value which your prospects look for and optimizing your LinkedIn profile accordingly.

Strategy 2: think about your Leadership

There are a lot of sales and marketing professionals who use the LinkedIn groups as a news feed, in this way using the LinkedIn publishing platform as another place to share their blog posts. The problem with this strategy is that they are just releasing content without having a clear strategy of how to use the content tailored to pull prospects in. It is important that you plan out the exact type of content you would like to provide which will make the decision-makers consider the types of approaches they’re taking.

Strategy 3: Intelligent Prospecting

It is important and also helpful for you to have a good look at the connections you have so as to see the number of your connections who are “long-shot hopefuls” who may be able to introduce you to other prospective clients. In case you are like many other people, most of your Linkedin connections may be irrelevant to your line of business mostly because when connecting with them you were focused on quantity rather than quality, in the hope that some of your connections may help you. The best prospecting strategy is one that defines who your main and secondary prospects and influencers are. This should also include a clear plan that will get them to open their closed doors and help you gain some revenue through your LinkedIn marketing and social-selling efforts.

It is obvious that a lot of the prospects that you connect with on LinkedIn as well as other social media platforms will not immediately realize why they need you. This is why you will always need to nurture all those connections and offer them the best content so that that can see your worth and become your prospective clients. These are just a few of the strategies that you can use for your sales and marketing leads. You can start with these few ideas and keep on improving on them. You will really need to get strategic on how you use LinkedIn and other social media platforms as this will greatly help your business.

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