Want ME to write YOUR Copy?

Big statement isn’t it? Anyone that is new to online marketing is practically clueless on how to write ad copy let alone GREAT copy but there are some that will be game enough to look at a blank screen hours on end and try and get inspired and then put together something that is so lame that does not excite people enough to click on their ad therefore giving you no chance to grow your list or sell your product or service.

Also, you need to follow them up with pre-written email series. I have seen courses say to the group “just copy and paste the emails I have written” but you see this has been done many times before you and people are not stupid. What you are trying to do with email marketing is build rapport with them – they are buying from YOU so emails need to be personalised.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Like a any trade there are MUST haves in your toolbox and you either make a choice to either get the tools you need and learn how to use them or you need to get someone like us Need a VA to outsource the task for you these are your only 2 choices really.

Imagine having a carpenter turn up to a work site with only a blow torch and no idea how to use it and no real use for a blow torch. He would have the exact tools that he needs on site to do the work the day….this is exactly what YOU need to have, so here I am saving you from pulling anymore hair out


FREE book that gives you step by step

Dot Com Secrets is a FREE book that gives you diagrams and layouts for any funnel this is a must read for anyone that is a step 1 for sure everything will make sense after reading through this simple to follow book. With this FREE book by Russell Brunson you will have everything just “click” and make sense.

You need this to do your ad copy:

Funnel Scripts this is totally amazing it uses a wizard that will populate for you ad copy for squeeze pages also called landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages and email follow up series that you can set up to go our automatically to your new customer.

You need this for your sales funnel:

Click Funnels what is this I can hear you say! Every business needs a sales funnel, this is so simple to use its virtually drag and drop and has changed the way that many people do business. You can build your own squeeze page, sales page, thank you page up sell, down sell in minutes. Get your FREE TRIAL HERE.

Honestly, these 3 things are all that is needed. If you roll your eyes and say Jenny – time poor to do my business now I haven’t time to do more learning…the answer to you is easy outsource your admin and other tasks to Need a VA.