Are You Using Outsourcing In Your Business? No…Then Your Missing Out…

Outsourcing is one of the quickest ways to leverage your business in a world that is extremely competitive and if outsourcing is not on your to do list for 2017 I can tell you now that your competitors are definitely using outsource services to grow their businesses through streamlining processes and automation.

For example below are some of the services Need a VA provide.

  • Outsource your client work to us. Many of our clients train the virtual assistant in doing their work in the way they want it done – this enables them to take on more clients and make more money as outsourcing is approximately a third of the cost of hiring a new staff member.
  • Social Media to get their business seen and build a relationship with potential clients.
  • Lead generation using different strategies that talk directly your customer. This year alone using a Linkedin strategy we were able to get one of our clients $35K of extra work for his service industry…can you imagine what that did for his business!
  • Bookkeeping have our talented staff that use ANY popular soft you have to prepare your book work and do the wages for your staff saving you thousands of dollars. We currently work with big US based companies with 200-400 employees on their books that we prepare their weekly wages.
  • Funnels if you are not using a funnel to build your lists of targeted people to market to time and time again you are leaving money on the table. We have Facebook and Google ad experts on our staff to split test your ads to get you leads.
  • Local Business SEO using this method to bring more clients through your door.
  • Customer service to help retain customers that you have. Its cheaper to maintain a customer you already have rather than attract new ones. Are you running webinars? What is your follow up after its over – we can help with that or personally introduce your new customer to groups.
  • We can confirm appointments, book leads in your diary for you to speak with.
  • Day to day admin tasks, data entry or compliment the skills you don’t have in your office without the expense of hiring new staff.
  • e-Commerce teams such as Amazon, Shopify and e-bay all trained to do the tasks you would normally need to do yourself.
  • Branding through beautiful websites, graphics, logo’s, book covers etc. You have exactly 6 seconds for your customer to decide if they want to stay on your site it MUST be easy to navigate, load quickly, well laid out so your customer can find what they are after. The branding needs to be consistent from website through to social media people need to readily connect the brand with your business.

I really hope that you can see the vision for your company in using outsourcing as the way forward to leverage your business.

Need a VA has many talented and tested virtual assistants just waiting to help you. How do you use our services? Its easy as 1-2-3 let me explain.

  1. Let’s talk to find out how we can help your business
  2. Select pre-paid hours according to your budget to use on the work you want us to do.
  3. Introduce you to your project manager who will note your tasks and manage the work with your virtual assistants then report back to you every day.

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