Traffic Tips For Busy People #63

free-traffic-tipsYouTube Ranking Factors 2015 Update: How to Get on 1st Page

Everybody is dying to get to the top of Google, hardly noticing the pastures of YouTube.So, can you be seen in the first page of the search engine ranking next to Google?This material will give you in-depth knowledge on how to improve your online marketing strategy by taking advantage of YouTube.
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[CASE STUDY] Using Marketing Automation In Your Newsletter To Drive More Sales

Are you aware that you are currently reading a newsletter worth $10,000 in revenue per month? This email your eyes are glued onto is one my best revenue-generating sources. In this material, you will gain valuable information on marketing automation strategies that will transform YOUR newsletter from zero to a top revenue-generating source for you. (You can respond to this email and ask me with regards to doing this using Hubspot)

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From Course Concept To $141,659 In Sales In 6 Months

This is a killer 6000-word material which provides step-by-step instructions on the specifics of marketing digital training products for the coming six (6) months. The same system can be used for software, mobile applications, coaching material, and physical products. But, I highly suggest that you “don’t” use ConvertKit&LeadPages. Alternatively, THIS is what I recommend you to use.

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How WeChat Dominated The Chinese App Market

Learn how one single application surrounded by a pool of similar competitors gobbled up the entire market. They ridiculously applied every successful idea in the market and included them in the app. They are now close to leading the line with Facebook Messenger. DREAM HARD! EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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The Habit All Billionaires Have In Common

Why does a person with a billion-dollar net worth accomplish more activities in a day? Billionaires might get more rest today compared to their pre-wealth status. But their ride to a billion is definitely a roller coaster. Learn how you can achieve more in 24 hours with simple tricks you can easily apply.

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Intelligent Metrics & Strategies For Increasing Sales via Cold Email

A friend of mine increased his budding business’ recurring revenue by $11,000 a month through cold emailing. This might look like spam to you but actually it’s not, provided that you do it the right way. Properly executed, cold emailing can be one of your top profit-generating sources. This highly-creative strategy is a MUST if you are selling software products or offering services.

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You’re Still Modeling Growth Incorrectly

This material was created by Noah Kagan so do I have to sell more of it? No! Noah is one of the Internet’s money-making machines and everything move he makes translates to cash. In this material, Noah shows his brainstorming, execution, and measurement strategies to boost his company’s growth.

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Recommendation of The Week

Mark Joyner’s Simpleology

Do you want to have more hours in a day? I’m sure you do!
If you want to get your body to accomplish more tasks in a day than most do in a week, you MUST have this great tool.

But wait! What’s the reason behind my excitement to introduce this tool?

Well, I’ve used every tool available. I created to-do lists, I made goal-setting strategies, and I even used pomodoro timer.

Plus, I read every book imaginable when it comes to getting yourself productive; Essentialism, 12 Week Year, Essentialism, Getting Things Done, bla, blab la…

I also delved into Trello, Basecamp, Asana, and TeamworkPM.

None of them worked for me!

But THANKFULLY, I found what works for me!

You might remember me as the traffic guru. In reality, I am PREOCCUPIED with hardcore productivity.And I found the solution—this tool is great for time management, project management, and team management. Using military strategies as its basis, highly-intelligent marketers created an easy-to-maneuver tool for users like you.

The tool is coupled with a highly-recommended training too!
• Sending texts allows you to save your ideas immediately.
• Tasks and projects can be easily delegated to your employees and/or teammates.
• Keep an eye on your upcoming tasks, projects, and major goals.
• Strategize your daily, weekly, or monthly activities with precision.
• Make your own dashboard for marketing strategies
• Create your own RSS feed
• Use the Simpleology Library to learn new productivity-enhancement strategies

This is the BEST TOOL for entrepreneurs, freelancers, founders, and CEO’s. Heck, it’s for anyone who wants to keep the snowball rolling and the machines pumping!

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