Bare Foot Millionaire Mastermind

Website Redesign Project


Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato, the man behind Barefoot Millionaire Mastermind, is a motivational speaker who has his unique and powerful approach towards success coaching and peak performance which has helped his many clients gain the competitive advantage in life. With Need a Va’s Development Team, his website has been redesigned into a more professional, remarkable, and responsive website, assisting him in connecting with more and more potential clients.

What We Did

  • Website Redesign
  • Need A VA did a complete redesign of my coaching site ( and it's spectacular. Responsive design on all devices, fast loading, feature rich and user-friendly, and best of all, they leave the competition in the DUST with better pricing, better service and a team that LISTENS!

    Gianmichael Salvato

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Here in Need a VA, we are passionate of building great products and we believe that building relationships is much more important. So we are a partner you can count on for a long haul.

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