Outsourcing – The Best Place to Outsource Is The Philippines

Hey there! Jenny Jordan here, founder of Need a VA an outsourcing company based in Davao City in the Philippines. Today I want to chat with you with a little bit about where to outsource. When most people think about where to outsource, they think about India. But things are changing considerable.

So why India? Well, India were sort of the pioneers in the outsourcing game. But things have changed quite a bit. Today, even Indian companies are looking at the Philippines for their phone-based support which is a turnaround!

We’re in the Philippines. So why the Philippines? Well, the Philippines, you’ll find a lot of hardworking young individuals (many with degrees) that are very eager to please. They’re intelligent, and they’re honest. And they are very, very knowledgeable. There’s a tremendous work pool over here, and there’s a lot of reasons why you should work with them.

And also, by the way, the attrition rate is incredibly low and they have very light accents. This is all very important. Remember there’s a lot of benefits to outsourcing overseas. First of all, you’re going to save a ton of money and in addition to that, there’s a lot of hidden expenses that you save on as well. For instance, the desk, the chair, the internet, the telephone, the payroll, insurance, taxes, and the list goes on and on. You can save all of this as well. So there’s a lot of benefits.

Our people are hardworking and very independent. That’s what you want. To me that’s independence. They just basically takes the initiative and gets the job done.

Now, what I also want you to know is that if you’re in the US or if you’re in another country, the net result of outsourcing is actually a benefit your economy because you’re going to stay in business, you’re going to pay more taxes to your local economy, you’re going to hire more people in your local economy, you’re going to purchase more goods and services in your local economy.

And that’s what we’re all about here. We’re not about taking jobs away from anybody. We’re about creating new jobs and supporting businesses all over the world. And that’s what we do here at Need a VA.

If this sounds interesting to you, if this sort of resonates with you, then I encourage you to get more information. You get more information on outsourcing  by simply reaching out to one of our team at info@needava.com. And also I do have a big favor to ask of you. Please share this article on your social network so someone else can find this article useful and in turn get to know more about outsourcing. I just also would really want to get your feedback.