Need a VA? Virtual Assistant Super Stars Here…

You know nothing is more satisfying than seeing the work our web team has done for our client websites at Need a VA that get rave reviews and accolades not only from their peers but to have client banners appear as background while our client was featured on a TV show in New York – its just amazing.

We are talking about a Filipino outsourcing team that has a manager Mark that has an eye for detail and is creative and leads a team of graphic artists, developers, coders. (Mark pictured)



This same team of Filipinos provided stand up banners for our client, workbooks and branding for masterminds in New York, Bali and Australia.

Let’s not forget the tons of clients that we also branded not only their website, but banners for all social media platforms and did jaw dropping e-book covers and layouts including click funnels for all of the clients.

Our banners again appeared on Huffington Post and other media outlets. We also had a video editor who added intros to video’s that popped.

When people build a team they start with one virtual assistant with perhaps a specific task in mind – its not too long before a savvy client starts building her very own team with what they need.

Often people ask what can a VA do and I reply what can’t they do!

There are those that have used a Virtual Assistant service before and sometimes that has not worked out BUT when they come to us they are pleasantly surprised as we offer something a little different.

There is no better way than to leverage YOUR business than through outsourcing to our teams who can do:

– your client work for SEO and Bookkeeping

– website design and graphics for all budgets.

– click funnels

– customer service

– Amazon, eBay Shopify who can do everything from ordering to listing and all related tasks.

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