Need A VA – Explains Why You Need a Website

When you are a business or service you will need a branded website that promotes your business or service
across all social media platforms so people instantly identify you.

What typically happens is that people will research you and you perhaps have done the same thing when you have
researched for a holiday destination or something that you are thinking about purchasing you would do a few things:

– Google the company
– Search for reviews real clients that have been to that resort or used that service
– Social media to find out what they are saying online
– Go to the website

You may have yourself done a few or all of the above things to satisfy your thirst to know more before investing anything.

When it comes to your website you have around 6-9 seconds to gain a new customer or someone that wants to subscribe to your site so its really important that your website is:

– Has branding that represents your product or service
– Easy to navigate the things that the customer is looking for
– Able to educate giving product knowledge
– Mobile responsive

A website visitor will go to your website and start clicking links that they are interested in or scroll down the page until they see your “call to action” that means that the owner asks them to click on the button to buy the service, download a free video, report or ebook or perhaps the call to action is up the top of the page where you add your name and email address to subscribe to a newsletter for instance.

Watch the video here:

So many people get it wrong – here is why:

My tale of woe is when I started online some 10 years ago and was keen to get a website up not knowing anything about the functionality of a website or how to have a converting website. The designer made it look pretty though – well I thought so at the time and kept on adding to my wish list of things that I wanted on the site and in the end I spent close to $9,000 which is way too much and the website was like a lame duck and did not convert at all. To this day its never been used for the purpose I had it built it for and was an expensive lesson that I learnt.

You see the web designer had the talent to build a site and to make it look nice but was not trained for how people and especially Google see the site when they both visit.

We are different at Need a VA and we get it RIGHT!

We have had our work displayed on Huffpost, BON BON Network (TV show in NY) and used by hundreds of various businesses and services each  design different and eye catching.

As we have a highly experienced website and graphic design team we ensure that we get it right from the start and we do a mock up of how the lay out of the site will look when completed.


– We look at a heat map of where people look once they are on the site
– Google analytics will be installed to show you how people are finding your site and what words that they are typing in Google to find your business.
– We use beautiful themes to give your site functionality that you need to keep the site updated
– The designers conceptualise and take on board your ideas and they produce beautiful graphics, logos and ebook covers to make your site stand out from your competitors
– Mobile responsive

If you are looking for a website that ticks all of the boxes and you want to talk to us more about your vision and goals for your site simply fill in the details on the short form below and lets have a discussion. Click the link here to fill out the form