Live Case Studies Reveals How To Outsource.

Many people have heard about outsourcing but to be completely honest have either been stung with a bad experience of using a virtual assistant that perhaps may have been mismatched for the tasks that you had in mind OR you were dissatisfied with their work.

Just want to let you know that when you first go and hire a VA many people are price driven thinking that they are getting a great bargain at a very low price.

But it’s fine to get a bargain but you really need to know that they can do the work so never base the job on price.

What you need to do is set a task for them to do and let them know you are testing a couple of other VA’s for exactly the same task and what you are looking for is:

–   eye for detail

  • accuracy
  • speed of delivery

You must test people before you hire them if its phone work you definitely must get them on Skype so you can listen to how they sound.

There is another way though…..

Need a VA have already spent the time to test and evaluate the skills of each of their VA’s along with completing accreditation through UCLA.

Your task will be project managed

When you assign us your project you will have your own project manager who will manage all your tasks no matter how big or small.

He will work between you and your virtual assistant team, ensuring all work is done and will send you a daily report, which will contain the hours, worked and screen shots of your task to check and make comment on.

Case Studies of Real Businesses and how they worked with the virtual assistant teams. Perhaps you will be able to identify with them.

Please contact Need a VA for a confidential short conversation so we can know more about your business to be able to help you.