Funnel Hacking – Where You Do Not Have To Re-Invent The Wheel

Firstly you do need to know who are your competitors and then model their layout.

Where people go wrong is that they think that they know more than their competitors who by the way spend millions of dollars in testing and having their ad-copy written so basically they have the recipe. This is particularly useful when you are starting a new business where you have not been in a line of business before.

These people who I say model from (not copy) means that you look what layout they have and make yours very similar. What you are doing is modelling things that are tested and proven to convert..Makes sense right? Rather than start from scratch which is why marketers fail as they have not spent thousands of dollars testing and put up a new website and it really is a hope and pray version that you hope will convert – chances are that it will not and you will be left scratching your head after your campaigned failed to convert the way that you hoped it would.

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Don’t get me wrong you are just modelling the process of a successful marketing you will be doing your own landing page, sales letter and thank you page.

What we do for modelling is that we purchase the product to see how their funnels work, what are they saying? What do the pages look like? What is their up-sell and down-sell? How are they bundling the products and of course their price points in the funnel.

To find all of this out it may only cost you $100 BUT this saves you thousands of dollars of blood, sweat and tears of running with something that does not work.

Which funnel does this work for?

– supplement funnel
– coaching funnel
– e-commerce funnels
– information funnels
– funnels for real businesses
– Works for ALL businesses!

Click here for a FREE trial of Funnel Hacking – Where You Do Not Have To Re-Invent The Wheel

I am truly excited on what you will actually learn and be able to master in moments.