Finding a Virtual Assistant

competent-virtual-assistantCan you turn angst into fun? If you’re a struggling business owner with overwhelming priorities, yes, you can.

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re struggling with too many priorities, too little money, and too little free time for planning and implementing your long-term goals. You’re probably drowning in the day-to-day details, and thinking that finding a Virtual Assistant might be the answer.

There are three things you should do when finding a Virtual Assistant.

  1. Define your needs.

Out of all the things that are pressuring you right now, there are probably several areas that could be turned over to a Virtual Assistant fairly easily. You might be worried about having the time to train a new VA, so it’s important to check out your operation and pinpoint a few repetitive areas where you could use some help right away.

For example, suppose you write a blog post once a week. In some cases, your VA can either write a rough draft for you or write the article for your approval. In others, the VA can find pictures to go with your posts and upload the post and the pictures for you. After that, the VA can share your post with all the social media and email marketing that you do. The VA can respond to comments on your blog or alert you that you have comments waiting for you. Think through your situation and decide how best you can use a VA.

In many cases, you can easily isolate two-three areas where a VA can help. For example, you might want one Virtual Assistant who specializes in social media, and another who specializes in bookkeeping or scheduling.

  1. Interview with an expert.

Once you have a rough idea of why you want to find a Virtual Assistant, go to a Virtual Assistant website and open a chat. There is no obligation involved in checking around for the right fit for your company.

Once you talk with Jenny at NAVA (Need a VA) or one of the VA’s on her staff, you might discover that the VA’s can do more than you originally thought. There is huge variety available, trained in all kinds of skills. Jenny can help you find the right Virtual Assistants and introduce them to the company so you can reap immediate payoff. You’re going to find that the VA’s are very economical to use and that you’ll feel immediate relief.

Plan to introduce more VA’s who can fill your various needs. This is where the true art of finding a Virtual Assistant comes in. Since you don’t have to be responsible for providing each VA with full-time work, you can select exactly the people you want for various precise tasks.

  1. Introduce the first few VA’s to your company.

You might find it convenient to find one-two Virtual Assistants to introduce into your company in the beginning. That way, you can focus on getting them up and running. Starting this way gives you a certain comfort, since you’re making a very small change that will reap huge benefits over the long haul.

However, your situation may require so much relief that you’ll want to find more than a few VA’s to start with. In that case, it will become apparent during the interviewing process (#2 above).

No matter what your situation, NAVA is ready to adjust to your needs. In the process of creating NAVA, founder Jenny Jordan reached out to a cadre of experts to make sure her systems were set up to flexibly accommodate any imaginable situation.

You might just find that resolving your problems will be easy and pleasurable. When you find a Virtual Assistant who clicks with you and makes your life easier, you’re free to create a bigger and better long-range plan for your business.

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