I feel after 10+ years online and being a baby boomer makes me the expert in talking to YOU my ideal client because I get you!
Having to go online through necessity as a serious motorbike accident put my husband in hospital for 6 months left me to face creditors after the real estate bubble burst at the same time of the accident leaving me the main bread earner. (Story on the video).

Many have to realise as a baby boomer we were around before Google and not had much to do with computers at all and on the video you will hear of the struggle I first had when trying to learn this Internet marketing because the lifestyle that was painted appealed to me.

BUT I give in the video gold nuggets of how to keep more money in your pocket rather than throwing money at traffic and trying to get something to work. Its a little like flogging a dead horse (excuse the quote) as nothing seemed to work but the thing is that you DON’T need to know everything. You are the expert concentrate on that and outsource to us at Need a VA.

Hope you enjoy the video please reach out to me if I can help you either email