Why Virtual Assistants do not work out for everyone

The following are the things that can wrong at the start or joining an outsource company. I am always honest with clients and say that there will be things that go pear shaped from time to time and the best way is by having open discussions that work on solutions moving forward. I know that this is the best approach so that you may find the following information also helpful.


Why Virtual Assistants do not work out for everyone

Why Virtual Assistants do not work out for everyone?

Expectations are unreasonable

This happens when the first discussion takes place and if all questions are not asked at the beginning. At Need a VA we record calls so that both the client has a copy and the project manager can reply to ensure that we have not missed important points.

We use a project management tools for larger tasks and each of our sections have a project manager that works between you and the VA, this way the project manager can quality control all of the work that is sent to you for approval.

Communication is everything

  • This is a big one when it comes to talking and discussing things with your virtual assistant.
    There are times that the client is not clear of what they want and is disappointed that the VA did not “get it.” The virtual assistant is the busy bee they do what they are instructed to do.
  • With communication try to stay with dot points or video using Jing is best.
    There are times where the VA will try to contact you in order to progress your task and this is made more difficult if email are not returned.
  • Reports from the VA should be daily or weekly and that should be discussed on the initial meeting. This is so you can see how the tasks are going and make comments if its not how you wanted something
  • Pay on time every time The VA’s are just like us with bills, food utilities etc. ensure that you pay promptly and if they have done an outstanding job please tip them – even a few dollars goes such a long way in their country.I have captured a few reasons that could happen when using a new virtual assistant company but again that its not like that at need a VA as we have used the latest focus group results from UCLA to train our outsourcing staff.We also use project managers who oversee your tasks, check your work and report back to you. So there is always open communication.Contact us today and see the difference our website is http://www.needava.com or email info@needava.com