What NOT to do on LINKEDIN

What NOT to do on LINKEDIN

When on Facebook its so personal you get to connect with all sorts of people in a social way where you up date them with glimpses of your life including your interests and food likes etc

This goes on to you sharing funny pictures, motivational quotes and cute animal pictures. For the new marketer they are normally told that is how you reach out to people is do all of the above. After a while they think I will go over to Linkedin and have the same approach as I have done so with FB…Just want to say no no no it does not work that way at all.

Let me share what I have found NOT to do on Linkedin and I cringe as new people blunder their way through with the same FB tactics.

Its like they come late to a party and its in full swing there are many people at the party talking to each other and generally having a good time…then a new marketer comes to the group looks for a table and jumps up on it and screams “I am here!!! Here is my link now don’t worry about who I am just click on my link and buy my stuff!”

It may raise a few eyebrows and people think who is this person and then they return to what they were doing engaging with others that are their ideal business partners, they ignore or delete the request of the gate crasher and they may even block or report the person that spammed them.


– never just drop your link in a pm
– do not ever think that Linkedin is like or behaves like FB
– know that belonging to Linkedin is never about YOU


– the bio should contain your keywords of what your business is about
– the first 2-4 weeks add value to the groups that you belong to never even look at pushing your link!
– you’re a guest in the group praise and like others comments to earn trust
– offer information that is valuable to the group remember this is like dating you are on your best behavior and not asking them to marry you – not just yet anyway smile emoticon

The way that Linkedin is like other social media is its all about engaging with people on Linkedin they are there also to network and get to know other businesses and like the first meeting they are looking you over and getting to know you first.

Use Linkedin the proper way and it will reward you over and over again with quality leads and networking.

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