What is mind mapping?

mind mappingWhen it comes to getting information in and out of your brain, mind mapping can be a very effective technique. The good thing about mind mapping in the fact that you can map out all your creative and logical ideas simply by note-taking. The methodology used in creating mind map is similar in a lot of ways. The most common thing in mind maps is the natural organizational structure with uses symbols, lines, words, and even images. All these components help in creating brain-friendly concepts.

Using a mind map, you can convert a huge list of monotonous information into a simple, colourful, and easy to remember diagram which will be easy for your brain and thpse of others to understand and remember.

Characteristics of Mind Maps

  • The main concept or idea is compressed in a central image or graphic
  • The main themes come out of the central image like the branches of a tree
  • They main branches include a key symbol on keyboard that is associated with the main idea
  • The ideas of lesser importance are illustrated as twigs of the related brunch the branches make up a connected structure

In the recent years, mind mapping has become a very important communication tool for businesses.   This is because it makes it easy when it comes to brainstorming and collaborating ideas. Since concepts and ideas are visualized in an easy-to-understand manner, it is very easy for other people to follow along conversations and even contribute their ideas during meetings.   This is the reason why mind maps are starting to be seen as an alternative method of presentation as compared to the traditional methods such as PowerPoint and flip charts.

A survey carried out by mind mapping expert Chuck Frey even showed that business users of the mind mapping technique felt that their productivity had increased by an average of 25%. In addition to project management and presentations, mind maps are also used in organizations to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance meetings
  • Simplify request for proposals (RFP)
  • Overview knowledge management
  • Optimize project management
  • Improve collaboration and communication

There are a number of professional mind mapping softwares such as MindView, MindGenius and MindManager. These softwares allow integration with Microsoft Office which can enable a user to export mind maps into a number of other documents such as Word outlines and PowerPoint presentations. When it comes to planning for a project, a mind map can be used to come up with a simple to-do list or even a more complex breakdown of the tasks that will be involved in the project.

How mind maps can be used in online collaborations

As an online business person, the need to collaborate with other people online is very important in making your business grow. Therefore, coming up with a mind map that can be used in online platforms can be very useful when it comes to collaborating and enhancing team work. This can be particularly important when you are working with other people who are in different locations of the world. Mind maps are also a very useful tool when it comes to presenting ideas and concepts to your potential clients. There are a number of online mind mapping softwares which can allow you to share a work space with other people. This provides all the users with a cloud-based platform as well as a variety of tools that can be used for multi-user editing in real time, and this can make multi-regional teams very effective for your business

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