What drives you?

Simple enough question I know but what drives me is not only the passion and love I have for what I am doing its the people that I surround myself with.

Its the ones that have “made it” but what people do not realize when they look at these people and secretly wish it was them….they don’t see what it takes behind the scene that keeps them #1.

All they see is that wow they have released a course or they are in the limelight as they spoke at an event. What you don’t know is that these people are planning 12 months ahead and are always working to make the event the biggest/best yet a product or service that over delivers and give awesome value in between.

The normal person is only prepared to do what it takes that gets them over the line, just enough to scrape over the line to make a few commissions or break even with their businesses. They are not prepared to do what it takes to 10 X their efforts.

Just for one month – totally focus on your business. No distractions No games or FB socializing prepare something amazing and do what ever it takes to have your best month ever. By making a commitment to work your butt off you are then doing what it takes.

Try it and see – you will be amazed!!