What does SEO mean to your business?

Google Search EngineSearch Engine Optimization or SEO is a real big part of your business and here is why if you don’t invest in proper SEO both technical and social media you are burning your money and not getting a good bang for your buck and missing out on FREE traffic that comes to you from ranking on the first pages of Google.

Now here is where it gets interesting Google has algorithms that they use and they change regularly to rate your site and how relevant the content it is to the title of the content and what sort of experience does the reader get when they come to your website.


Google wants the reader to be:

  • Educated
  • Entertained
  • Have FAQ’s
  • Good quality content

The spiders also report back how long that they readers were on your site, links that were clicked and even is sophisticated to record scrolling to see how people were engrossed in your content and also can also see through Google analytics all of the information that I will cover in another article.

Now that we know what Google wants and that is good quality content that is unique and delivers the information that the reader first typed into their browser.

What happens though if Google goes to the content and finds that there are a few duplicated versions of the same article for instance? Well it looks and tries to reward the person who first put the content up but this does not always happen imagine for a moment you looked on Google to see how your article is doing and see your competitor that has blatantly copied for your article that you paid to have written and worse still they are ranking higher than you!

Back to search engine optimization for your business:

search engine optimizationYou like me must get a ton of emails from people that flood your inbox with SEO offers, also perhaps that you too have also paid for services that say that they can get you ranked on Google page one in no time at all. If you see these type of offers delete them, here is why.

  • It will take 2-3 months to work behind the scenes until you will start seeing results
  • If you target very popular keywords it may take longer or you may not rank for these at all as companies with a bigger ad spend will always own the top spots.
  • We would look at other strategies that are the lower bearing fruit that we would concentrate on to get you seen and getting ranked for.
  • What should be done though is an audit outlining what errors are on your site both on page and off page.

SEO for Local Business is something that can be very successful for your business or restaurant and if done correctly that would bring customers through your door.

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