What does it take to run your own business?

Some people believe its just putting a sign out that you are open people will flood in. WRONG

Your business first needs the right branding that carries right through from social media, letterheads, banners down to your tagline.

People get stuck even to know what they stand for! That is a worry if you can’t express what you stand for how can you tell the world that you business even exists.

Being accountable is something too having a timeline like mini goals that keep you focused and stretching you making you that little bit uncomfortable – so who are you accountable too? Yourself of course
you can do this by announcing an event, speaker or a guest that will speak or to be interviewed by you.


There s not one person that does not benefit and grow through open communication. In the world today its hard to think that people prefer to talk through emails that have no emotion and can cut people to the core as you never know how your message is received on the other end, rather than pick up the phone.

Things can go to crap easily as sometimes the words that are not said are the hardest. Try to be open and be in a business that has solutions there is never a quick answer as it can be:

– taken the wrong way
– bringing an ego into the conversation
– always 2 sides to a disagreement….always.

FORGIVE PEOPLE – this to me is gold they do not mean to be cruel but can say nasty things that hurt long after the call is ended.

Being in business is a juggle at times there are many elements that make it work – I would not change things for the world nothing is more satisfying when it all works together.

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