What Could You Outsource?

Now for the person doing everything themselves they may be new to the industry where things are exciting to be learning to be doing yourself. Or you maybe someone that it started out as a business and you have now traded this into be a job!

It does not really matter if you have either a brick and mortar business or you have a business where you work online there is one thing for sure you will be working a lot of hours in the ever changing world of internet marketing.

Are you a Jack-of-all-trades?….

If you are I take my hat off to you as you are a rare breed but you are sacrificing lifestyle to do this I know this already because its impossible after awhile to keep up the momentum of the tasks that are required to have a presence online.

Need to think of what can you outsource and let me help you there to get you thinking:

  • Article writing and syndicating
  • Post on FB and other forums
  • Video editing – perhaps an intro for branding – syndicating across the web
  • Web design – header for website
  • Logo
  • SEO
  • Back linking
  • Email marketing – looking at your open rates and improving them.
  • Going through your emails and place in folders leaving only the most important ones for your attention
  • Set up of auto-responder
  • Broadcasts
  • Ad campaign on FB
  • Split test squeeze pages
  • Calling your prospects, screening them
  • Bookkeeping
  • Research
  • Plan your next event do all the planning and booking of hotels.

I hope I have really started to ignite your imagination of what is possible. There is not a part of your business that you cannot outsource.

Where to start.

When I started out using the services of a virtual assistant I was always worried I would not have enough work for the outsource worker but when I got the right one I knew that the difference she made to my life that I would never not have a VA again.

I have found that there was always an element of having to find my own VA, the interview process followed by the testing and this was always a sticking point. And to be honest a total waste of my time!

Here is what I have for you…

I have taken the things that I have thought were always a royal pain like the interviewing, testing and finding the right one for the job.

At NeedaVA we a team of highly talented virtual assistants for any job that you can possibly imagine and here is what happens when you fill in a short form on www.NeedaVA.com

Step 1: Your form will be sent to one of our Project Manager
who will call you for a chat to discuss your business
needs and discuss how many hours you will require.
Step 2: The Project Manager gets the perfect VA’s together to
best suit your business needs.

Step 3: After initial payment is made we will start working
with you!

Sound easy enough? Its because it is! J

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