TranscriptionOne of my clients was asking about our content writers and would they do a few articles for her website and we can easily do this. But one page that really needs your voice in the ‘about us’ page as this is where customers go to learn about you and your business.
No one knows your story better than you.

This suggestion she did not like all that much as she said she was not a writer that is when I suggested our transcription service to her, as she could speak freely either in the car, walking etc.

What is also good about doing this:

– its in your own voice
– your customer gets a personal side of you to connect

Other tips:

– re-purpose content you will have content on your blog, PDF to
download or as a give away to your customers
– at meetings record the meeting and send us the .mp3 file to
transcribe your notes
– video that you have seen or liked we can transcribe that to give
you fresh content.

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