The 10X Rule Virtual Assistants

Many of you may or may not heard of a book that impressed me enough to embed the same principles into my virtual assistant business the book is called “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cadone an excellent must read for anyone in business!

Why I was so impressed with the book is that I totally resonate with the tag line “Massive Action” results and accomplish your business dreams!”
You see with successful business it just doesn’t happen by chance it means that there will be nothing that stands in your way to achieve your goal and you will do 10X more than anyone else to make your business successful.

We are a virtual assistant outsourcing company that is a little different than most in the way that we want to partner with you to help GROW your business. The reason being is we know through a recent focus group study at UCLA that 90% of businesses leave 25% of profit on the table through poor social media presence!

When you first contact us it is only the start of the process where we apply The 10X Rule from the time that you talk to our project managers is when we piece together the bigger picture and plan with our social media experts to get you making more money that you previously left on the table. I know this as a fact as I have cherry picked the staff that had to pass The 10X Rule. They all need to be passionate and prepared to go the extra mile for our clients.

The business owners should know that all our training are not out of the box we spend money on proven results from focus groups we work closely with at UCLA that ensure that we have the latest and the most improved trainings for our staff that is designed to have us as industry leaders in what we do.

If author Grant Cadone, Tim Ferris and others all confirm that if your business is to grow like its on steriods you will need help doing this and we are the ones that are here to help you!

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