Website Redesign

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Website Redesigned Packages

Choose from our Re-designed packages below:


1 – 5 PAGES


6 – 10 PAGES


11 – 15 PAGES

Package Includes:

1 Graphic Design FREEBIE

Choose from Logo design, Social Media Cover design (4 sites) or Ebook Cover design.

Sign Up Form Integration

We will help you setup your (1) sign up / optin form to your site.

Page Mockup Designs

We will design a mock up for your homepage and basic pages.


The site is fully responsive on any mobile device.


The WordPress theme that we will be using is SEO optimized.


You are permitted to 2 revisions on each mockup designs.

*Contents (images, videos, links, optin form’s unstyled HTML code) will be provided by the client.
**Contents submitted are considered as final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my site mobile optimized?

Definitely yes. The theme we used is already mobile optimized and retina ready.

Is my site Search Engine Optimized?

The theme we used is SEO optimized. But you still need to do some SEO in order for your site to rank. You can visit our SEO services page to learn more.

How long will it take to complete my website redesign project?

It will depend on how many pages were included on your project. The time frame of the project is 4 to 6 weeks.

Mock up designs of your pages will be sent to you for approval within the first week period. Once we got your approval on a mock up we will start right away on building it in WordPress. 2-3 working days is the turn around time.


Whats included in the website redesign package?

Below are the list of what’s included on ALL website redesign packages:

  • Clone the live site to Need a VA’s development server
  • Site migration on the live server when the dev site is completed
  • Install the premium theme and plugins
  • Provide mock up design for the homepage and all basic pages
  • Integrate 1 optin / sign up form. Additional optin / sign up form will subject for quotation.
  • Add your affiliate sidebar banners to your site’s sidebar
  • 1 Design FREEBIE
    • options are:
      • Logo Design
      • Social Media Cover Design
      • Ebook Cover Design

Number of Pages:

  • Bronze – 1 – 5 pages
  • Silver – 6 – 10 pages
  • Gold – 11 – 15 pages
  • IMPORTANT: We will NOT be doing any additional formatting on all of your blog posts.

Client will provide the following:

  • Access to your hosting or cPanel
  • Admin access to your WordPress site
  • List of the pages that will be included on the website redesign project. Pages that are excluded on the list will be unpublished. Blog posts will stay published.
  • Unstyled/naked/raw HTML code of the sign up form
  • Details for the DESIGN FREEBIE. Submitted via the intake form.


  • Programming and theme or plugin modification is not included on the package.
  • Any programming tasks will be subject for quotation.


How many revisions am I allowed on website redesign package?

You are only permitted 2 revisions for each mockup. Requests will be submitted via our intake form. 1 submission is equals to 1 count of revisionSucceeding requests are subject for quotation.

Take note that the content you submitted to us via our intake form is considered as FINAL. So please make sure that you reviewed the grammar, punctuation, spellings etc. before submitting it to us.


What will happen to my existing blog posts?

Your existing blog post will stay published. BUT we will not be doing any formatting on your articles. Unless, you include them on the list of pages you want us redesign.

Does my blog articles included on your page count?

No. Unless you include it on your PAGE List you want us to redesign.

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