REFERRAL Rewards – For those wanting a “Virtual Assistant”

There is no advertising greater than word of mouth it is like gold to those in business as it is a vote that the person just loved the services that the company provided or they have heard through others that this was the case.

There are some that are not just ready to be our clients yet as they don’t know about us and heard that we GROW businesses by doing the stuff you don’t want to do that is where you can help us and be rewarded at the same time…

We are GROWING our business quickly (thank you) as people like you are thrilled with the way we can step in and give a helping hand, and as a thank you I would like to offer you a continual 10% referral fee for the life of each client you refer. Woo hoo that soon adds up!

This means that you will get money deposited directly into your PayPal account each and every month for as long as your referral is active with us.

All you do is PM me the person/s name and contact details or email when they join our services you will be rewarded when they join us. Too easy.

Thank you for your support