OUTSOURCING – This is How You Grow A Business!

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One of our clients came to us with a real problem he wants to go traveling and see some of the world but the problem is that his business is tying him to his desk, many will be able to identify to this BUT he promised his girlfriend months ago that he would take her to see some amazing places around the world.

He turned to outsourcing and spent time passing on what is working in his business to the virtual assistant so that he can move away from the desk.


OBVIOUSLY his business is now doing great its only new but unlike many people he did not rush out and buy a new car or house etc he put his money back into his business and increased his ad spend to bring in more business.

You see he could not do that himself he was worried before that he would not be able to service any more clients…

TODAY – he has just informed us that he will need another virtual assistant which means he will be able to not disappoint his girlfriend and start his travels in 2 weeks time!

– Increased his ad spend
– outsourced and replaced himself in the business don’t get me wrong he will be working on his business working less hours and making more money – NOW that is a smart move…

This is really a simple formula that is easy to replicate but still there are many people that think you have to work so hard all of the time as no one understands the business the way that you do, but you know that is true you

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