Outsourcing Information Technology (IT)


Business owners are trying to save time and money, and they’re understandably trying to reduce the costs of Information Technology through outsourcing.

Is it effective to outsource IT, or is it better to go with hiring IT staff for your needs? Can Virtual Assistants help? Here’s some food for thought.

There are three distinct areas of IT to be considered: hardware, software, and computing.

  1. Hardware: IT employees have traditionally cared for the hardware of the company — buying new computers, providing security in the form of anti-theft cords, etc. This could be outsourced, but not by Virtual Assistants living in distant locations.
  1. Software: This is another area typically controlled by in-house IT staff, including updates, antivirus installations, security software, and password resets. Some of this could be outsourced digitally, but is generally best done in-house.
  1. Computing: When outsourcing your IT, one of the most overlooked areas is computing. There are numerous, simple computer tasks that currently take up a lot of your time and the time of your employees. These simple tasks can be outsourced very easily to qualified Virtual Assistants, giving you more flexible choices as to where you and your staff spend their time.

Here are some areas where outsourcing IT to a Virtual Assistant can really pay big dividends:

Content marketing: Write drafts or articles for your blog, find compelling pictures for them, upload the content, answer comments or let you know when you have comments, link your blog posts to your email marketing and social media, schedule blog posts to be published at prearranged times;

Social media marketing: Track content posted in social media, like and/or share on your behalf, let you know when important people post or comment so you can respond, schedule posts on social media sites for you, find pictures and put your favorite sayings on picture quotes, assemble your ad copy and graphics for online ads, whether on banners, solo ads, or Facebook ads, order releases of ads for promotions at prearranged times;

Multipurpose your content: Transcribe your video into audio content and post it as a podcast, transcribe it into the written word for your use on a blog, in a book, or other publication;

Email: Organize your email inbox into folders and create filters, notify you when certain people reach out to you so you won’t miss them, go through your Spam box and rescue any good email while deleting the rest, repeat this process with several of your mail addresses;

Domains: Design webpages, install menus, buttons, shopping carts, interactive surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, contests, giveaways, and lead pages; manage your multiple domains and point domains with or without masking;

Design: Logos, layouts, sales pages, capture pages, autoresponder sequences and broadcasts, ads, or any number of Internet Marketing tasks;

Media: Edit and post videos on YouTube or Vimeo, set up your online radio show and schedule guests for you to interview on it;

Phone: Answer certain phone lines or cover certain hours of the day; provide telemarketing services.

IT outsourcing that doesn’t work for a Virtual Assistant: While you can’t hire a VA to sit in your office and greet the foot traffic coming in, it’s obvious that you can outsource many IT needs to a Virtual Assistant.

Free yourself and your staff from many time-consuming, burdensome jobs that have to be done behind the scenes.

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