Outsourcing Benefits and Examples

Outsourcing Benefits and Examples

Have you considered outsourcing? Here are just a few benefits of outsourcing and examples of how real people received those benefits.

You’ve probably heard that one benefit of outsourcing is saving time. And it’s true — with a good Virtual Assistant to help you out, quite a few annoying little jobs that take time will just disappear. In their place will be a lot of little jobs done that make your world a little smoother.

A perfect example of this particular outsourcing benefit is the article-writing Virtual Assistant. Your VA will make note of the keywords used in your industry and incorporate them into original articles written just for your business, rendering them search-engine friendly.

A second outsourcing benefit is saving money. Everyone knows that web design can cost thousands of dollars, and just fixing or changing something on the website can be in the hundreds of dollars.

Examples of this outsourcing benefit are the VA’s who do graphic design and website building. For a fraction of the cost, you can get an original, professionally-designed website and personalized logo. Your web designer can install a shopping mall, “share” buttons, comments section, and menus that make it easier for your web visitors to navigate your page.

If you’re doing Internet and email marketing (and you probably should be), a third benefit to outsourcing is the Virtual Assistant with marketing skills. This VA knows how to write emails, automate them to be sent out at specific intervals, include links to your products or services, and track how many of your customers opened the emails and clicked on the links. This kind of service and analytic information can be invaluable as you learn what works and what doesn’t work.

Victoria Wallis received a very high benefit by outsourcing technical and marketing work in her one-woman business. She writes, “What can I say? I am just gobbed smacked at how quickly they do the work for you and the knowledge they have about all this techy stuff that we are battling with.” You can read the rest of her testimonial here: http://www.needava.com/testimonials/.

A fourth and sometimes-overlooked outsourcing benefit is something we all crave: true freedom.

In the past, most of us have been limited by our own lack of technical skills, even in this marvelous day and age where the Internet connects all of us. Knowing that we have the power to contribute our own content for the benefit of the world, it can be incredibly frustrating when we don’t have the technical skills to do it.

Example: As one author says, “…when it came time to publish my own book, I was completely overwhelmed….Then came NAVA! My V.A. did in one afternoon what had taken me months to try to do alone – except that I never succeeded in finishing, and she did!!” http://www.needava.com/testimonials/.

When it comes to the benefits of outsourcing, it matters who you trust with your business. You not only need a multiplicity of skills, but a trustworthy outsourcing company like NAVA (Need a VA). As business owner Parthena Simone relates, “Dear Jenny, Thank you so much for introducing NAVA to me. I have heard some horror stories about VA’s and was initially reticent to trust them with my requirements. I have been extremely pleasantly surprised with the level of service I have received.”

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