Linked LeadsLinkedin is a different ball game. The trouble is people are using the same strategies that they use on other social media platforms and it does NOT work here on Linkedin. This is a grown up platform of businesses who want to do business with you if only they like and trust you.

Below I give a few tips and describe how I can get quality leads not only for my own business but for those of our clients.

Like any strategy it takes time and effort but the results are worthwhile. As a virtual assistant outsourcing company we have different strategies that we use for the various social media platforms but the one strategy that Need A VA use is the one that brings quality leads to our company and that of our clients when you use Linkedin correctly.

Many people go about it totally the wrong way and just go in and do what I call is a hit and miss approach this is when you go in start liking posts like a mad person hoping to grab someone’s eye by being there.

I liken it to going to a party where you know no one and enter while there are quiet conversations going on around you but instead of catching the persons eye you start yelling out waving your hands saying “I am here!”

In other words you get noted for the wrong reasons and rarely if ever will you get the chance to meet others and engage in a meaningful way.


Have your profile written giving the keywords in the first line that describes your services. This is essential as people use the search function to find people and businesses that they want to connect with.

  • The keywords should be in your heading and mentioned in the first line of your bio to attract people that use the search feature to find you. Its surprising the number of people who do not do this important step.
  • ¬†List all of your achievements and awards for credibility
  • Join groups that have already a lot of members and that there have regular conversations and posts with engagement.
  • The aim is to not be the person who waves their hands around but to earn the respect of group leader and the members by liking adding value to the group. You will need to belong to around 40 groups.
  • It all comes down to keywords, connecting and engaging with those in your industry. Do not spam or start a conversation with giving your link that is not conversation or engagement that is going up to someone and spewing over them and then walking away – this is not a good first impression.

If you are thinking this will take time – well yes it will on your
own if you are running your own business that is one of the things you hire a virtual assistant to do these things for you.

If we can help promote you and have you noticed within your industry and drive traffic to your product or service contact us at or email let’s start getting leads to GROW your business.

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