Need to Outsource To Get Back Time!

For many people the extra hours that they work creeps up on them, especially when they first start there is so much to do and besides its a labour of love. Without you even knowing you have started to swap one job for another and can be working up to 14-16 hours per day 7 days of the week.

OK you are now online woo hoo that is great but who knows you are there? You know that social media plays a big part of success online and think how hard can it be, all you do is throw up a few pictures to advertise your business and the crowds will come right? WRONG! A recent study at ULCA has shown 50% of businesses lose 25% of their income with poor website design and social media presence.

This tasks needs someone that specializes at social marketing to work out a campaign and to engage your audience so they would be happy to use your service and refer others.


Life throws you a curve ball sometimes like many people I personally had big plans for Easter to catch up with family and friends BUT for me I am in hospital after slipping over on rocks on the path – I was taking an gift of chocolates to my nephew for Easter.

Not only did I fail at my attempt at the splits I also broke an ankle and now waiting for an operation to put a plate in to keep the ankle stable.

This got me thinking though – I know its unfortunate when you are sick but do you have to worry about running back to work too soon as there is no one else there to keep your business ticking over.

What about when your staff are sick or due to go on maternity leave who will fill the spots then….you need to outsource.

Things that go through your mind in hospital. Just hope the Easter bunny does not forget when to drop off the Easter eggs tomorrow!

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