Need a Virtual Assistant? The Story of How It Happened

For me as I head into a milestone birthday I look back on past milestones and think back how strong I am through all that is thrown at me I rise and will not bow down to challenges I am a fighter and always get back up no matter how many times knocked down. The following is not a boo hoo woo is me it just shows to me that I am learning life lessons.

On my 40th year it was one of the toughest and one that you never get over it was when my son and his mate were killed in a car accident even when you think I am fine a song a place or a friend of my son will bring tears to my eyes when I remember how much I miss him, the whole in my heart remains to this day. In the same year I lost my dog and a close friend to car accidents.

But you know you just get on with life you have to and I went on to work with adolescent boys as housemother in a boarding school which made my heart sing and had me laughing and at  times crying with them as I got involved as like a surrogate mother in their lives.

This time was one of my happiest times I can remember. I rarely went out but I accepted an invite to a friend’s wedding where I was to meet my future husband and we lived at the school where he went to work on his bike and returned home in the evening.

Over this time I had managed to grow a portfolio of 4 homes and started a renovation company where my husband was able to help out with many of the tasks I even had my own tool belt and I was no stranger to a drill, hammer or screwdriver all was good.

We were only married 3 months when my husband was involved in a serious motorbike accident that I attended as it was right in front of the school where we lived. The accident degloved his foot and his leg broke fibia, tibia and femur. 6 months in hospital 12 operations and he could not work any longer.

I was left as the main bread earner at a time when the real estate bubble burst I had a husband at the hospital and creditors knocking at my door I can remember it that sinking feeling and what the stress was like back then the thought of how difficult it was and knowing the buck stopped with me with no support from a husband that needed to focus on getting better and the amount of physiotherapy that was needed to get him to walk again.

I knew nothing else other than to work hard, write to my creditors and to be honest with them in what was happening rather than have my head in the sand that gave me a little wriggle room to learn Internet marketing and try to forge ahead to earn extra income.

The struggle I had was not that I wasn’t ready to learn it was making stuff work and have funds coming in rather than going out. It was with a coach that things started to move forward it was 12 months before I started to earn a regular income, the more I earned the more I invested in myself in the way of mentors coaches and courses.

Today, I have built a company with the help of a business coach that is rock solid, I help businesses grow by supplying them with expert virtual assistants that are there to do the grunt work for them to free them up so that they can think of other creative ways to grow their business. They are no longer in the trenches and have really clawed back more time.

I am now in a place of gratitude thankful for the journey along the way that has given me knowledge to know what it feels like to have struggled but now its the time for me to select the people I want to work with in the way of different business partners, I have come to realise that the people that I am aligned with are the exact reflection of me in my outlook and the longing I have to keep helping people grow.

I look forward now to the next milestone birthday as life just keeps getting better no matter how many hiccups that I have along the way.

If I can help you or your business please reach out to me at or through my website love to meet up with you!