I have a new site, why isn’t it showing on Google?
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A new site does not get you seen on the front page of Google its just the start its like when you have built a house in a street and those that have watch the house being built at different stages are curious but keep a distance.

That is what happens when you have a new website people are curious but stay away until like you furnish is with SEO. In a empty house there are things to buy and make it more homely until it looks right and looking the way you want it before you have a home warming party to invite everyone over to check out the house and make new friends of the neighbours.

SEO is a lot like this because with a site you have an empty house and no one knows you even exist.

– you need to optimize the site do on page and off page SEO
– this can be research for the keywords used
– meta tags on description and also pictures on your site so when
Google spiders your site they can see immediately what its about.
– social proof these are when you join pintrest, FB, Instagram etc
people are commenting on your site and telling others sharing
your information. These are all like votes to Google and makes
Google sit up and follow the links back to your site to see what
people are looking at and sharing
– your site needs quality information not some spun rubbish the
content needs to educate and entertain Google’s readers this will
also help your bounce rate.
– bounce rate should be kept low as it means people are searching
reading and scrolling your site.

Google Analytics should be used for reporting as this gives you a lot of information of where traffic source is your traffic coming from the keywords that they used when they typed in their browser to find you this information is so helpful and will give you a snap shot of what to write in future articles that include these exact keywords..

I can go on forever on SEO but the good news is that we do it and do it well promoting all sorts of businesses to be able to be seen on page 1 of Google.

If you are not using SEO your site will be buried and hard to find if at all.