How to know when you need a Virtual Assistant

Having used the help of VAs for a long time, I am happy that I made a smart choice because I have really gained a lot from the services of VAs. I have had so much results that I’m of the mindset that almost every small business can easily gain a lot from hiring one. In case you a wondering whether you need a VA to help you in your business, here are some of the signs that a VA might be productive in your small business.

  • In online business, it is easy for you to blown away a business opportunity simply because you missed a deadline to follow up. In case this happens to you a number of times, getting a VA to help you in your business can be a good thing.
  • You are not doing well in your business mainly because you lack an up-to-date client and prospect database.
  • You have exciting work projects you would like to take on but always seem to be too tied up with the day-to-day running of your business to get to them.
  • In case you stay up late and work yourself off on the weekends in order to keep up with routine administrative tasks.
  • In case you routine work items that you must do but you don’t like doing. You can get a VA to help you with such tasks so that you can focus on more creative and important tasks.

Below are some great steps to successfully outsourcing work to VAs.

  1. Get to know the types of tasks that you need to get done but you don’t like doing. For about a week, you need to keep a log of all your activities. By the end of the week, you will be able to determine which activities you need to do yourself, and which you could delegate to a VA.
  2. Look for potential VAs. And just like all other great resources, the very best place to start is within your own network. You can start by sending out an email to a list of business associates, telling them a bit about what you want help with and asking if they have a VA they would recommend.
  3. Interview all the potential VAs for compatibility and professionalism. Need a VA will help you with this because we source and train the VAs so you don’t need to worry about that.
  4. You need to start small. Once you have a VA and you think he/she might be the delegation partner of your dreams, start with a small project as a way to test your theory. Let the VA know up front that you’re beginning with a trial project to see how things go.

There might however be times when you start working with the VA whereby you may find that despite a brilliant start, things turn sour. In case your VA misses s great number of deadlines, makes the same type of mistake again and again, or is difficult to deal with, you may decide to call it quits and source another VA from Need a VA.