How to Get a Customer Back.

CUSTOMER BACKAs a business it is far more economical to get a customer back rather than to do an advertising campaign to attract another. Many times a customer will leave without saying a thing and you won’t know why, to fix something you need to ask the hard question to the customer to find out what happened to make them leave in the first place.


Amazingly, 53% of customers switch companies when they don’t feel appreciated and your job as a business is to reach out to the customers to find out what was their problem and how you will have a solution to fix the situation.

At all cost don’t bombard them with emails as this does not represent the true image of the company and what your goal is to make them feel more valued.

Another more genuine way is to send a letter in the mail is found to get a more positive reaction.

To the customer it feels more personal and gives a sense of importance to them. Within your letter, introduce yourself and let them know that you miss them. If there was a specific case that was not solved satisfactorily for them, explain how you will rectify it.

Its worth remembering that 70% of customers will do business with you again if you resolve a dispute in their favour which is a huge increase in your business along with having a happy customer who will tell others of their experience with your company!
Once you have made contact with the customer and have solved their issue you may want to let them know what new changes that you have made since they have gone.

customer serviceTo sweeten the deal you may also want to:

  • Offer a discount to your product or service to be used within a
  • certain time frame.
  • Let them know of future perks being a loyal customer with your company
  • Up and coming promotions that you have or referral program that could earn them further discounts

How a virtual assistant make this work for you:

Keeping in mind the cost per acquisition or CPA in some businesses the lead could be worth $100 – $150 per lead it depends on your industry the virtual assistant can:

  • Make a list of your customers even data mining what they last purchased
  • Do a personal info-graphic for your discount
  • Coupon code
  • Write a letter to your customer giving them an update on what’s new
  • Create a referral program for your business

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