How to Avoid The Biggest Time Suck Online

I can remember when I started online about 10 years ago and purchased my first computer it was what I thought the most exciting time to get my computer a desktop people would laugh if they saw it today so big and chunky…but hey I was excited to have my own computer. So different from having to work on my own word processor.

When I would get onto the computer at night I would go to my inbox and only would have a few emails and I spent the time just reading over them and would write back to the sender as there would not be a chance they would see the email because at that time not many had a home computer and would sneak into work and write an email and send before the boss would find out that they were sending emails in work time!


BUT today we are bombard with emails from friends, business associates, businesses wanting our business and other promotional emails all vying for our attention.

So now personally I would receive 100-150 emails per day! Its typically overwhelming as you try to keep up and respond and delete emails. But what I do and know many do is that they start cherry picking emails and jokes and then there is videos and other training that marketers send….arrrh!!!

Instead of taking a few minutes you are spending way too much time doing this and 30 – 60 minutes can be lost just doing this.


Virtual Assistant! Many are thinking how can this help and this is how I solved the problem. I spoke to my assistant in desperation as I was losing emails, spending time on not only finding emails but distracted on what I was suppose to doing.

– I trained her what to keep
– what was super important
– training from marketers I followed
– family and friends


* Every day she will first look for emails that need my immediate attention.
* She has folders that she labeled clearly and has set up filters to delete spam
* Able to find training videos

Now when I open my inbox on a busy day there maybe 10 emails at the most, I can now cope with 10!

That is what its all about having systems in place to give you more time so its not sucked away!

If we can HELP you with looking at the systems your using and to find you more time – then you need to contact us here:

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