How Much Is Your Time Worth? – You Need A Virtual Assistant


Here is a thought provoking question, can your time be better spent by not doing everything yourself? For me, personally, it could mean losing several hundreds of dollars in time. A VAs time is valued at around $6.50 an hour.

What confuses people though is that they think that they will need a full time VA and that is not the case at all. You might like to consider just using the services of a VA for a few hours each week and then built it up from there. It really is amazing on how much value that you would get even from a few hours a week to do the things that you don’t like or want to do.

TODAY for myself this is what I had mine do for me:

I had my inbox out of control with useless emails and junk to the stage I would hate to look at all of those unopened emails staring back at me. It really does get overwhelming. So I took a deep breath and no I didn’t spend all day cleaning it up I wrote a list of for the VA so she would do the clean up for me.
* VA to make folders for the affiliate marketers I follow
* Places a star against the important emails that need my attention
* unsubscribe to emails before deleting them
* receipts and logins to be placed on spread sheet and make room a tab for all of my logins in order to keep them all together.

ANOTHER example:

Someone came to me and was trying to copy and paste 200 emails into Google as they couldn’t load their auto-responder and the person had already spent all morning doing this only to have all the emails bounce. He came to me nearly pulling out his hair….

*VA did this in no time

ANOTHER example:

4000 leads to be uploaded into auto responder and to FB for custom audience. Didn’t know she could do that BUT she doesn’t need to know.

* VA did this and if required can also do the FB ads what a saving that is not only did she find out that she could get the auto-responder done BUT found out she can get her Face Book ads done at the same time.

Hope this gives you something to think about ladies life is too short to not to get help in your business. Its quicker and cheaper and you will make more money….

Just showing you what is possible to do in case you are wondering what a virtual assistant can do for you – should see what she can do for your business!

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