How is your business going? Outsourcing will save You!

Outsourcing will save you dollars and your sanity!

I will be talking about outsourcing and the steps to take to have your own virtual assistant.

At the start of the year every year people set down goals for themselves, many goals whether personal or business are never reached while some throw in the towel and if the goal was to lose weight they feel that they have failed and go back to eating unhealthily that got them overweight in the first place.

For business owners though there are many things that you could be doing to increase the bottom line. It’s not enough that you didn’t reach the goals but the whole idea that you are in business is to keep on improving in every area. One of the main things that hold small business owners back is the fact that they are doing everything themselves under the false impression that they are saving money.

While business the owner thinks that they are saving pennies it’s really a false saving as they could free themselves up from doing the admin type tasks and concentrate on building their empire with money making activities.

For one moment look at the day to day activities that you are doing – for example:

  • Sorting through emails and answering emails
  • Filling orders if its e-commerce
  • Bookkeeping
  • Answer calls
  • Customer service tasks
  • Wages
  • Invoicing
  • Diary planning
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Social Media (biggest time suck)
  • Article writing
  • Blog posting
  • Keeping updated with new trends
  • SEO
  • Marketing and placing ads

Looking back over this list you may see some of the things that you are currently doing each of listed tasks can be outsourced. There is no time or room in your day for creative thinking or money making activities to grow your business.

What does it take to outsource?

I get asked this daily, and looking at the list you would not find the one virtual assistant to do all the tasks, that is why to have a bigger virtual assistant company like Need a VA that have 9-10 different arms of the business and a project manager to work between you and the virtual assistants getting your tasks done easily.


Although they all have the skill sets that you need to do your tasks your business is unique to you no 2 business are run the same way so yes you will need to spend time either speaking to the project manager or videotaping for your virtual assistant to be able to see and understand the tasks she will be performing,

For us to better understand your business we would love to get in contact with you either through our website or to have a Skype conversation – jenny.jordan22