How fears stops your business growing?

I remember it like yesterday when I first did a public speaking course with Speaking Empire in Florida how exciting it was to learn but how fearful I was that I would stuff up forget my lines and make a fool out of myself with my first speech.

The day arrive for my speech and after a dozen or more bathroom visits I was there up on stage starting off a little more nervous than I wanted but it was a start and the more I relaxed the more the audience smiled and warmed to me.

The overall speech was received well and when I finished and stepped off stage I was followed by more than a dozen people wanting to know where I was planning to speak next what course did I have to sell etc it was totally more than I thought would expect and then I thought of the what if….

– I didn’t stretch myself to learn something new
– the thought of fear of making a fool out of myself stopped me
getting on stage.
– I lacked the confidence to speak or lost my voice the list goes on…

This is why many people fail in their business as they won’t step out of their comfort zone they don’t want to feel uncomfortable as they remember the fear of doing something NEW and its too painful for them to consider.


That is a perfect saying because if you keep doing things in the same way nothing changes for growth both personal and professional you need help to break through the glass ceiling you have for yourself. The help could be in the way of coaching or mentoring, learning something new or growing your staff numbers to help with the day to day stuff.