How Can an Outsourcing Company Help You?

About ten years ago, when Executive Assistant Jenny Jordan broke away from her work with high-level officials and executives to build a successful career online, she struggled with the technical side of internet marketing. Knowing that she needed help, she reached out to an outsourcing company to help her find a Virtual Assistant.

Since she’s now the founder and owner of NAVA (Need a VA), one of the most successful VA startups in recent history, you might think that her first efforts went swimmingly. Sorry, but you’d be wrong there.

Her outsourcing company simply directed her to place ads on their forum and screen her own prospective Virtual Assistants. As it turned out, that wasn’t the best possible advice.

When the flood of applications hit her desk, Jenny was more overwhelmed than ever. While she was pinning a lot of hope on the outsourcing company she was working with, and the overwhelm was intense, it would not even compare to the overload that was to follow.

After screening and picking out the best applicant, Jenny started the intensive training process with her new VA, who only had expertise in one area and would short-circuit if asked to do anything else. Of course Jenny didn’t know that, because the outsourcing company didn’t warn her.

In the middle of a huge deadline, Jenny stopped hearing from her VA for days on end. Finally, in desperation, she ramped up efforts to contact her VA, who simply disappeared, leaving Jenny with an impossible workload and an impossible deadline to deal with – alone.

To this day, Jenny doesn’t hold any grudges against the VA – or the outsourcing company. In her own typical style, she simply went on and did all the work herself, no matter how many days she had to stay up and how much coffee was required. And in typical Jenny style, she later set about the business of building her own company – Need a VA.

Her guiding principles might be described as follows:

  1. You need help.
  2. You need that help right away.
  3. Your help has to be of the highest quality.
  4. Your help has to be reliable.
  5. You need a good “matchmaker” so your VA is a perfect fit for you.
  6. Your VA needs ongoing training and enriching experiences to prevent burnout.

True to her own generous heart and loving nature, Jenny has assembled an outsourcing company that delivers more than quality work. She delivers professionalism and devotion to client and VA alike.

Jenny’s outsourcing company boasts a solid team of experts in Social Media, article writing, telemarketing, live chat support, email support, video editing, graphic design, web development, blogs, data mining, research, and more.

Can NAVA benefit you with saved time, effort and money? Most definitely. Can it help you with a smoother workflow, more efficient workplace, lots of technological extras that will make your competitors cringe at a very low price? Most definitely. And it’s a joy to do it. Check out Need a VA (NAVA) here.