Hiring a Super Virtual Assistant – Do they exist?

Many times we are asked about a Super Virtual Assistant one that can:

  • Do website design
  • SEO
  • Run FB ads
  • Write posts on Social media
  • Do a few graphics etc.

Super-VALet me tell you now that the super VA does not exist! As an employer you would not expect in the physical world the one person would have all of those skills so why would you expect that virtually?

There maybe be the one virtual assistant that sometimes have skill sets that could include a few of these skills but normally that does not happen.

Normally what you do when you hire a virtual assistant you should hire a virtual assistant that has the right skills for the task.  For instance you would not hire a website designer to do SEO on your website you would pick an SEO expert.

There are many freelance virtual assistants BUT luckily at Need a VA we have different teams of VA’s that are expert in their field we have 9 different arms of the business.


We have made the process as easy as possible and rather than go through lots of different outsourcing companies and looking through countless resumes, testing and interviewing applicants – we have trained expert VA’s in all categories of the company many with degrees that can do your tasks easily.

Here are the steps:

1) contact info@needava.com or go direct to our website at http://www.needava.com and fill in the contact form.

2) we will contact you and make a convenient time for you to meet a project manager so that we can learn more about your business and best match the virtual assistant with your task.
3) we will suggest the number of pre-paid hours you will require to complete the task http://www.needava.com/services/prices-and-discounts/

4) the project manager will assign your tasks to the appropriate VA will check the VA’s work and then send a report to you of the completed task and the total time spent on the task.

5) the project manager will send an email every week with your report and once a week will talk on Skype to discuss projects for the week ahead.

How easy is having your own project manager to manage your tasks!

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