Hire a Virtual Assistant: 3 Things You Need to Know

Hire a virtual assistantIn today’s economy, time is money. You’ve decided to hire a Virtual Assistant, but do you know how to save time in the hiring and vetting process?

Here are three critical points to examine when you hire a Virtual Assistant.

  1. When hiring a Virtual Assistant, consider location.

If you’re from an English-speaking country, it’s vital that you hire a Virtual Assistant who speaks English fluently, preferably as a first language. When hiring writers for blog, article, email, and social media applications, the flow of language must ring true to English-speaking readers, or you could accidentally undermine your own audience.

Solution: When hiring a VA, check out NAVA (Need a VA). The Virtual Assistants at NAVA are from the Philippines, where English is normally spoken from a very young age. The language for your articles will flow better than from writers in other regions. NAVA also has Virtual Assistants from the U.S. who write for certain special projects.

  1. Hiring a Virtual Assistant? Check the integrity of the company.

When you’re entrusting your work to a Virtual Assistant, you have to make sure that your data is protected and that your business will not suffer down time due to an unreliable VA.

Solution: NAVA’s founder, Jenny Jordan, had to hire a Virtual Assistant many years ago, and it was her first-hand experience that inspired her to help people struggling with the hiring process.

NAVA holds its Virtual Assistants to the highest standards in skills, communication, ethics, and business savvy. NAVA conducts ongoing, live training with its VA’s to ensure that the standards are constantly rising. The VA’s have to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect your company. And Jenny herself has infused the organization with her own zest for helping people succeed in business.

  1. When you hire a Virtual Assistant, is it the right one for the job?

You most likely have a variety of jobs to fill. One VA might not be able to do everything you need, because a business is multi-faceted and each part is important. Whether it’s a VA to check your inbox for you or design your website, each job has to be done with quality.

Solution: NAVA has VA’s with specific, tested skills in each of several categories: Article Writing, Office Management, Website Design, Graphic Design, and SEO Services. The VA’s that are available are happy to help you succeed in their area of expertise. You’ll feel secure, knowing that the work is getting done and that you’re freed up to manage your company.

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you need to know that your company’s in good hands. You need to know that the Virtual Assistant company is pledged to help you meet your goals with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of value. You need to hire a Virtual Assistant with the right skills, the right ethics, and the right level of enthusiasm. In short, you need to duplicate tiny parts of yourself for the betterment of your company (and lifestyle). And NAVA can help. Check out NAVA now at http://www.needava.com.