How to update Page section

To start changing/updating the page section, first we need to know what is a page section.  A Page Section is a container element, within which you can add other elements. The Page Section often consists of image and text, can be static or dynamic and other elements. See figure below for an example of Page section with background image, Headline, Sub headline and Button element .

In this topic

We will explain about how to change/update the page section.

1. Change/Update Background Image

To change/update the background image of the page section. Follow the steps below.

1.1. Find & Edit the Page section

Click the pencil icon of the topmost page section element of the page. This will show the modal popup form of all the settings of the selected page section.

1.2. Select/Upload an image

After the modal popup show, locate the Background Image field and click the button Upload to show the WordPress Gallery to select images that are already uploaded, or use the WordPress Upload tab to upload your desired image. Then click Save Changes button to change the image.

2. Change/Update Headline and Sub headline texts

To change/update the Headline & Sub headline texts. Follow steps below.

2.1. Edit the Headline & Sub headline texts.

Hover your cursor on each elements to show the pencil icon, this will show the modal form popup for each elements options. See figure below.

3. Change/Update Page section Button

To change/update the page section button. Follow steps below.

3.1. Edit the Button element.

Hover your cursor to the button elements to show the pencil icon, then click the pencil icon to edit & to show the modal popup form. See figure below.

To change the Button text and link. Locate the fields:

  • Button Text (This is the option for the caption/label of the button)
  • Button URL (This is the option for the link, where you want to link the button)

You can play around and test other options to see how the button element works.