How to use Sticky Header

To be able to use Page title you need to access Theme Options from WordPress Dashboard > Jupiter > Theme Options > Header > Sticky Header


In this topic

We will explain about how to use Sticky Header

1. How to use Sticky Header


You can edit and update your sticky header by manipulating the these options.

1.1. Sticky header behavior

Define how you would like the header transforms from normal to sticky state. If Slide Down is selected, then you can choose the offset location where the sticky header will be revealed while scrolling down (Check option below).

1.2. Offset

Define when the sticky state of header should trigger. This option does not apply to header style 2.

1.3. Height

Adjust sticky header section height.

1.4. Background Opacity

Adjust the background opacity of sticky header section. Sticky header will be fixed to the top of window after scrolling.

1.5. Bottom Border Color

Select color for bottom border of sticky header section. If left blank above option will used instead.