How to use Sidebar Options (Theme Options)

Theme Options is the main section of Jupiter, which you can do your global settings for your website. You can access Theme Options from top left side of your dashboard. We are going to describe about Sidebar Styling options available under Sidebar section of Theme Options in this article.


In this topic

We will explain about how to use Sidebar Options (Theme Options)

1. Sidebar Styling

1.1. Sidebar Title Color

Use this option to set the sidebar title color.

1.2. Sidebar Text Color

Use this option to set the sidebar text color.

1.3. Sidebar Links Color

Use this option to set the sidebar link color.

1.4. Sidebar Link Color Hover

Use this option to set the sidebar link color on mouse over.

Sidebar Styling is set of options for the sidebar section of the theme for styling reasons and not Layouts. For Layout options you need to access Theme Options > General > Sidebar. To add Content into sidebar you will need to add Custom Sidebar in Theme Options > General > Custom Sidebars and then access Appearance > Widgets to assign widgets to that custom sidebar you created.

1.5. Current Sidebars

Enter a name for new sidebar. It must be a valid name which starts with a letter, followed by letters, numbers, spaces, or underscores


1.6. Add a New Sidebar

Click on the “Add a New Sidebar” to create a custom widget. Create a name then click the check icon. Save the settings by clicking on the upper right hand corner of the options. Now go to Appearance > Widgets. On the third column at the bottom, look for the new custom sidebar which you named/created.

Note: Click “Save Settings” so that the custom sidebar will appear on the widget area