How to use Quick Contact Form

Theme Options is the main section of Jupiter, which you can do your global settings for your website in this case Quick Contact Form. You can access Theme Options from top left side of your dashboard. We are going to describe about options available under Global Settings > Quick Contact section of Theme Options in this article.

Quick contact form is a tiny icon at the right bottom of the front end in the theme which will bring a pop up quick contact form on click.


In this topic

We will explain about how to use Quick Contact Form

1. Quick Contact Form

1.1. Quick Contact

Enable this option to show a quick contact form icon at the bottom right section of the website. Clicking on that icon will show the quick contact form.

1.2. Quick Contact Title

Use this option to add the contact form title.

1.3. Quick Contact Email.

Use this option to set the recipient email of the quick contact form. If this option is set to blank, admin email will be used as default.

1.4. Quick Contact Description.

Use this option to add a description text to the contact form

1.5. Enable Captcha?

Enable this option to show a captcha form to prevent robots from sending emails using the contact form.