How to use Post Types Options

Theme Options is the main section of Jupiter, which you can do your global settings for your website. You can access Theme Options from top left side of your dashboard. Post Types Options options can be found under Advanced section of Theme Options.


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We will explain about how to use Post Types Options

1. Post Types Options


1.1. Portfolio Post Type

Enable Portfolio post type?

Portfolio Post Type allows you to manage all your portfolio projects, or previous works, in one place, and lets you arrange them in a number of different ways based on how you want them to appear on your website.

1.2. News Post Type

Enable News post type?

News Post Type basically lists down news articles that you want to publish on your website. You may display them in grid style, or in whatever layout you prefer.

1.3. FAQ Post Type

Enable FAQs post type?

FAQ Post Type is where you can collate the common questions and answers that your site visitors may ask about. This post type allows you to classify different questions and corresponding answers, and put them into separate categories.

1.4. Photo Album Post Type

Enable Photo Album post type?

Photo Album Post Type contains your collection of images that you want to feature on your site as a “gallery.” This typically includes static images that can be categorized into different photo albums.

1.5. Pricing Tables Post Type

Enable Pricing Tables post type?

Pricing Tables Post Type lets you create and publish well-designed pricing tables on your website for your products and services. It also provides an easier way to show price comparisons based on how you design your post type.

1.6. Clients Post Type

Enable Clients post type?

Clients Post Type is necessary when you need to list down all your clients and their profiles, and want to show them off on your website in a neat and stylish way.

1.7. Employees Post Type

Enable Employees post type?

Employees Post Type can be similar to your clients post type, only that the information placed here are about your company’s employees. This post type is a good way to outline your team’s credentials.

1.8. Testimonial Post Type

Enable Testimonial post type?

Testimonial Post Type makes it easier for you to compile your clients’ feedback about your products, services, or business. This is another good way to establish your credibility and further promote your company to potential clients.

1.9. Animated Columns Post Type

Enable Animated Columns post type?

Animated Columns Post Type is there to spice up any boring content as it animates columns on your website which were otherwise static in the past. This post type adds fluidity and beauty to your website by making it more interesting and exciting to your site visitors.

1.10. Edge Slider Post Type

Enable Edge Slider post type?

Edge Slider Post Type helps you create interactive slideshows on your website which can help give off that “wow factor” to every visitor. Edge Slider is customizable using a wide range of animation effects, and may include call-to-action buttons.

1.11. Tab Slider Post Type

Enable Tab Slider post type?

Tab Slider Post Type is another post type you can use for making slideshows. This one is a slider with tabs as icons or texts which takes the role of navigation for slides.

1.12. FlexSlider Post Type

Enable FlexSlider post type?

FlexSlider Post Type is an awesome and fully responsive slider that easily adapts to any screen size. Plus, it displays custom posts with a featured image, title and excerpt conveniently on your site.

1.13. Banner Builder Post Type

Enable Banner Slider post type?

Banner Builder Post Type allows you to add multiple and varied content into the header Banner section. Banner Builder can be utilized for static contents to slideshows, and can be easily added into any of your website pages.