How to use Footer Options

To update/edit your Footer Columns, you can access the footer settings by going to WordPress Dashboard > Jupiter > Theme Options > Footer.


In this topic

We will explain about General Footer Options and Sub Footer Options available for you in order to update your Footer Columns. We also include how to add content to the Footer

1. General Footer Options

1.1. Display Footer

Enable this option to show footer section in the website globally. You can override this option using Manage Page Element option inside Jupiter Page Options inside each page.

1.2. Boxed

Enable boxed footer? The footer content will be in main grid (the width is defined in theme general settings), otherwise it will be full width screen wide.

1.3. Show on Mobile

Lets the footer be visible on all mobile devices.

1.4. Footer Column Gutter Space.

Use this option to set the gutter space between each footer section column.

1.5. Footer Padding Bottom/Top

Use this option to add spacing at the top and bottom of footer section.

1.6. Footer Widget Margin Bottom

Use this option to add margin space at the bottom of footer widget area.

1.7. Top Border Color

Use this option to choose an appropriate color on the top border of your footer.

1.8. Top Border Thickness

Use this option to adjust the thickness of the top border of your footer.


1.9. Footer Type

Use this option to set the type of the footer section. Available options are:

  1. Regular
  2. Fixed

1.10. Footer Column layout

Use this option to set the column layout of the footer section. Available options are:

  1. One Column
  2. Two Columns
  3. Three Columns
  4. Four Columns
  5. Five Columns
  6. Six Columns
  7. Variable layouts

2. Adding Content to the Footer

Footer section of Jupiter can accept content only by Widgets. To add content to footer area you need to go to Main Dashboard Menu > Appearance > Widgets. There you will find six different footer widget areas which you can assign your desire widgets to. The number of columns shown in the footer area is decided by Theme Options > General > Footer section. So if you set to have only three footer columns, then footer widget areas four, five and six will not show in the front end of the website.