How to Set WooCommerce Product Image Sizes

To change the WooCommerce Product Image Sizes in Artbees themes you need to use the built in settings of the WooCommerce plugin, alongside the options available in Jupiter

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We will explain about how to Set WooCommerce Product Image Sizes

1. Product Image Size for Single Product


To change the size of single products in the products details page, go to WordPress Admin Menu > WooCommerce > Settings and choose the Products > Display option. There you will find the Single Product Image options where you can decide which size you want to use for the single product image. The recommended size for Jupiter and The Ken is 550 x 550 pixels.

2. Product Image Size for Product Loop Page


To change the image sizes of the Product Listing (Product Loop) page in Jupiter, go to WordPress Admin Menu > Jupiter > Control Panel > Image Sizes, click on “Add a new size” and add a new Image Size as you wish and name it WooCommerce Product Loop. We recommend the 330 x 330 pixels size for the Jupiter theme. Then go to Theme Options > Shop > General Settings and set the Shop Loop Image Size option to Custom – WooCommerce Product Loop.