How to get Aweber Unstyled HTML Code

Aweber Sign Up Form Code or Autoresponder Code they are referring to the Raw HTML code for a sign up form from within your account. Below you will find instructions on how to get that code for from a sign up form in your list.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Go to AWeber Sign Up Forms

Click on the “Sign Up Forms” tab in your AWeber account.

2. Publish your Sign Up Form

If you have not done so already, create a sign up form within your account. If you already have a sign up form created, just click on the “Publish” link from underneath the title of the sign up form you are trying to get the “autoresponder code” for.

3. Get to Install your Form

On the next page click on the option for “I Will Install My Form.”

4. Getting the script

You will now see options for “Javascript Snippet” and “Raw HTML Version” appear underneath the section you just clicked. Click on where it says “Raw HTML Version.”

5. Choose Raw HTML Version

For the “Raw HTML Version” of the sign up form there will now be a larger box with a bunch of HTML code inside of it. This HTML code is what is normally referred to as the “Autoresponder Code.” Highlight and copy this code.

Now you have your AWeber “Autoresponder Code.” You can take that code and paste it wherever it is you are supposed to place the “Autoresponder Code” within the program/service you are using!