How to Add/edit blog post

This tutorial will show how to add a single blog post.

How to add a blog single post

1. Add New Post

Go to Dashboard Menu -> Posts -> New Post to open up the new post window.

2. Enter Post Title

Enter the title for your Single Blog Post.

3. Add Full Text

Use the default editor of WordPress to add the Full Text of your blog post. You can use Visual Composer for the full text if you want. For that you need to enable Visual Composer for posts. Go to Dashboard Menu -> Visual Composer, enable the post checkbox there and save settings.

4. Add Excerpt

Scroll down the page to find the excerpt box. Add your excerpt text inside that box. Excerpt text is the copy which will show in the blog listing and it represents the intro text for the blog post.

5. Set Category

Use this option to set the category into which you want this blog post to go.

6. Set Feature Image

Use this option to upload and add a featured image for your blog post.

7. Publish

Click on the Publish button to save your blog post, and you’re done!