5 Tips to Recover From a Google Slap

google slapWhy is that that for some sites Google seems to give you a tap on the shoulder and allows you to fix the problems that they saw were wrong with your site and others they slap you, and you get buried for years to play on your own in the sandbox until they decide to let you out!

It seems a little inconsistent that it does not matter if you are a small fish or a big fish in the Google pond anyone can feel a slap.

For instance in an email I read by http://superfastbusiness.com they mentioned the different companies that have been slapped, some for a little time some still scratching their heads not knowing why.

Here are some companies that have felt the slap:

“Mozilla got slapped with user-generated spam and received an undetermined penalty period.
Overstock was hit for offering discounts to schools in exchange for links back to the site. The retailer went through two months of penalty period.

JC Penney was ousted by New York Times for buying links and Google reacted with a 90-day penalty period. Incidentally, JC Penney blamed the paid links on its SEO agency.

Google punished BMW in 2006 for cloaking, with a 3-day penalty period.

In 2013 BBC was accused of (wouldn’t you know it) “mysterious links” coming from a single page. Google penalized the distinguished broadcasting network but no one has been able to point out for how long.

And from 2005 through 2012, Google has chastised itself for cloaking and paid links. The longest penalty was 11 months for Google Japan in its efforts to promote a widget.”

Google may seem a little heavy-handed at times but they really only want the best experience for their readers and rather than not to wait for a slap perhaps you want to keep Google loving your site by following the prevention tips

Prevention is better than the cure:

  • “Check your website for bad links. According to Kissmetrics, 90 percent of Google penalties come from backlink profiles. Backlinks that go against Google guidelines will get you removed in short order. Bad links include site-wide backlinks, sneaky redirects, link schemes, and links not relevant to your website.”
  • Look at what content is on your pages has it got spelling errors, irrelevant keywords, duplicate content or poorly written information giving no real value to the reader what so ever.
  • Where bad links are concerned, you need to proceed with requests to have them removed. There are online tools that will help you get the webmaster’s contact details, such as net, RMoov, and Buzzstream’s free email search tool.
  • By using Google Webmaster Tools account, click on the site you’re working on. Head to Search Traffic and click on Manual Action. A list of manual actions on your website will appear. Then click Request a Review.

OK You Got Slapped – Now What?

– A reconsideration request is what is needed. It must be short and to the point.
State on here what you have been penalized for and what you have done to fix it.

– Go into detail of what you and what resources you used and the steps you followed to resolve the problem of the penalty. If you have spoken to any Google people mention their names and how helpful that they were to you. Also it does not hurt to drop into the conversation what Google products you used like Google docs etc.

– Let them know of continued work if you are still working on correcting bad links

– Conclude your letter with an apology be humble it does nothing to rant and rave Google sees a lot of reconsideration requests make yours stand out with following the points above.

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