24 hours in a day – are you wasting your time?

24 hours in a dayOne of the things that become apparent after a while is that many successful people own not one but many businesses. In the past I would wonder how could you do this when you have only so many hours in a day.

How can they do this?

Take my business coach for instance I was in complete awe as she has clients in 28 countries, has a coaching company along with 2 other unrelated businesses and she does it with ease without getting up a sweat – she is so methodical but get this she outsources. More about this in a minute let me tell you what my day looked like before I hired my coach.

My routine before I got my act together

Being an early riser would get up and go crank up my computer and sipped my first coffee of the day waiting for it to open up on Facebook, I would browse through and comment and like a few things catch up on comments I had left others. Mistake number one; don’t kid yourself that you are working on social media because you are not your wasting time.

I would then rush off to work the 9-5 job trying to write little blogs for me to copy and paste in between my daily work so when I got home to save time. You know when you are on your way home and can’t wait to get there but as soon as you walk through the door total chaos begins.

Many will laugh and nod their head but there will be the dog that greets you first, the kids will babble on about their day or be arguing with one another as you are then hit with “what’s for dinner I am starving!” you turn then into super woman as you look into the fridge and are remembering you should of got an ingredient for tonight’s dinner on the way home from work – but didn’t. Somehow you fluked the meal without the missing ingredients and cooked pasta in a way that you had not thought of before.

As you wipe down and make the last of the lunches for tomorrow and kissed the last of the kid’s goodnight only then do you go and sit in front of your computer and start working on your business til you fall asleep mid keystroke (I have done this) and now find that it is 2 am and you need to be up in 4 hours!

How can you possibly leverage a business – let alone maintain a business in this punishing routine?

Here are the answers you have waited for.

My guess my story is not too different than your own BUT here is where it gets interesting earlier on I spoke about my coach and how she has many businesses each started by her but what she does that is different is that you sets the business up and then outsources the tasks she has a project managers manage her outsourcers.

Doing this allows her to not work on the business any longer she has others do this which allows her to start or work on other businesses.

What can these outsourcing companies do for you?
According to focus group findings at UCLA 90% of businesses leave 25% of profit on the table with poor marketing skills.

  • Data mine leads in your industry or require your services
  • Social media post, comment and manage your social media accounts
  • Custom funnels to drive traffic to your offer
  • Video marketing, edit, brand and distribute your videos
  • Article writing for your blog, post or snippet
  • Customer service calls or answer questions about your product/service
  • Banners, graphics, photo shop
  • Manage your diary and email accounts
  • Book flights, conferences etc etc

If you don’t outsource your business you will only get ordinary results and lets face it no one wants to be “ordinary” they want to be extraordinary!

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